warframe excalibur prime for sale – highly searched keyword and the following

warframe excalibur prime for sale – highly searched keyword and the following


Warframe Excalibur Prime For Sale – What You Need to Know

Warframe is an action-packed video game played by millions of people worldwide. In the game, you play as a Tenno, a warrior with incredible powers designed to protect the solar system from invading enemies. One of the main characters in the game is Excalibur Prime, a high-demand character who is sought after by many players.

If you are in search of Warframe Excalibur Prime for sale, this article will guide you through everything you need to know. We’ll cover the background of Excalibur Prime, how to acquire the character, the value of Excalibur Prime, and much more.

Excalibur Prime Background

Excalibur Prime is an advanced and powerful variant of the Excalibur frame and is one of the most fabulous and rarest items in Warframe. It was initially launched in 2012 during the closed beta and was only available to the founders of Warframe. The game’s founder program consisted of three tiers: the basic, the master, and the grandmaster.

The grandmaster program required players to spend $250 USD or more to be eligible for membership, which gave players access to Excalibur Prime and various other in-game bonuses. When the Warframe beta ended, players who had access to the founders’ package received Excalibur Prime as an exclusive reward.

Since then, the game has grown significantly, and there has been a high demand for Excalibur Prime from players who missed out on the founder package. Unfortunately, Excalibur Prime has been unavailable for regular purchase since its inception, and there is no way to get this character other than buying an account from someone who has it or trading in-game items for it.

How to Acquire Excalibur Prime

As mentioned earlier, Excalibur Prime is a rare item and is difficult to acquire in-game or through the official Warframe website. The only way to get this character is to purchase an account from someone who has access to Excalibur Prime.

However, before buying an account, there are several safety and security issues to consider, based on the reputation of the seller and the genuineness of the account. Some scammers try to sell illegitimate accounts, and it’s always good to be cautious when buying accounts.

The Value of Excalibur Prime

Due to its rarity, the value of Excalibur Prime is high. The character is not only rare, but it is also highly sought after, especially by players who see it as a status symbol or a show of support for the game’s creators.

While the exact cost of Excalibur Prime varies depending on the account being sold, the overall cost ranges between $200 USD to $500 USD. This price point is a significant investment for many players, and it’s essential to consider whether the additional cost is worth it before making a purchase.


Q. Is it legal to buy and sell an account with Excalibur Prime?

A. Yes, it is legal to sell and buy accounts. However, Warframe’s terms of service prohibits the trading of accounts and warns against account fraud and scams. It’s always essential to conduct thorough research on the seller and the account before making a purchase.

Q. Can I get Excalibur Prime through in-game trading?

A. Excalibur Prime is not available through in-game trading. It was a founder’s exclusive item, and there isn’t any other way to acquire it except through purchasing an account.

Q. Is Excalibur Prime better than the regular Excalibur?

A. Excalibur Prime and the regular Excalibur are essentially the same character, except for slight modifications to the overall look and aesthetic. Some players prefer one over the other based on personal preference, but in-game mechanics-wise, there’s not much difference.


Excalibur Prime is a rare and highly sought-after character in Warframe. While it’s possible to buy and sell accounts with access to Excalibur Prime, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on the seller and account to avoid account fraud and scams. Additionally, it’s essential to weigh the additional cost before committing to purchasing an account with Excalibur Prime.

In the end, being able to play Warframe as Excalibur Prime is a unique and amazing experience that is highly coveted by many players. However, it’s always important to practice a high degree of caution and safety when making any purchase or trade.


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