void material dcuo – DCUO materials guide

void material dcuo – DCUO materials guide


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DC Universe Online (DCUO) is a popular online multiplayer game where players can create their own superhero or supervillain and venture into the world of DC comic characters through different missions, battles, and PvP. In DCUO, players need materials to enhance their gear and strengthen their powers. Every material has a unique utility, and players can find them by completing missions, scavenging, or trading with other players. In this article, we will explore the different types of materials available in DCUO and provide a guide to help players make the most of them.

Types of Materials in DCUO

Materials in DCUO are divided into two categories, base materials, and rare materials. Base materials are easily obtainable and used to upgrade weapons, armors, and cosmetics. On the other hand, rare materials are harder to come by and usually reserved for high-level upgrades or crafting.

Here are some of the base materials available in DCUO:

Metal – used to upgrade metal gear and weapons
Fabric – used to upgrade fabric gear and weapons
Circuitry – used to upgrade gadget gear and weapons
Nanocarbon – used to upgrade iconic suits and trinkets
Exobytes – used to upgrade iconic powers and abilities

And the rare materials are:

Vibranium – used in high-level upgrades for all gear and weapons
Kryptonite – used to enhance iconic suits, weapons, and trinkets
Nth metal – used to upgrade iconic powers and abilities
Prometheum – used in crafting, mostly found in high-level content

Getting Materials in DCUO

Materials can be obtained in various ways in DCUO, and the best method depends on the player’s level, gear, and objectives. Here are some of the most common ways to get materials:

1. Completing Missions: Missions and daily quests are the most straightforward way to get materials. Players can pick up missions from various NPCs in cities and instances and receive rewards upon completion. The type and level of materials depend on the mission’s difficulty and location. Daily missions, such as the ones in Central City, offer guaranteed materials upon completion and can be repeated daily.

2. Scavenging: Scavenging is an excellent way to get base materials. Players can scavenge different types of debris, such as metal scraps, fabric rolls, and circuit boards, in all environments. Regular scavenging spots are marked on the map, and players can visit them repeatedly for a chance to get materials. Some high-level materials, such as vibranium, require advanced scavenging skills and equipment.

3. Trading: Players can trade materials with each other in DCUO. The in-game broker system allows players to put up bids on materials they need or sell excess materials they have. Players can also join trading channels or leagues to trade materials, gear, and currency. It’s good to keep an eye on the market, as material prices can vary and change daily.

4. Crafting: Crafting is a way to create specific gear, weapons, and trinkets using rare materials and blueprints. Players can learn crafting skills from various NPCs in the game and level them up by creating items and completing crafting quests. Crafting also requires some additional materials, such as prometheum, gold, and time capsules. Crafting is more of a mid to high-level activity and requires a lot of rare materials and skills.

DCUO Materials Guide

Now that we have covered the basics of materials in DCUO let’s move onto the materials guide. The guide will provide some tips and tricks about using materials to enhance gear, weapons, and powers.

1. Prioritize Upgrading Iconic Items: Iconic items, such as iconic suits, weapons, and powers, offer unique abilities and bonuses to the player. However, they require a lot of rare materials to upgrade fully. As a result, it’s best to save your rare materials for iconic items and upgrade base items with base materials.

2. Plan your Upgrades: Upgrading gear and weapons can be expensive and time-consuming, especially at higher levels. Players should plan their upgrades by setting a goal, such as completing specific missions or raids, and prioritize the items they need to upgrade first. It’s also good to consider the cost of upgrading an item compared to the gain in power and efficiency.

3. Join a League: Joining a league in DCUO can provide access to league halls, which offer free crafting stations and scavenging spots. Leagues can also help gather resources and pool materials, making it easier to upgrade gear and weapons. Some leagues even offer crafting assistants, which can decrease the time and cost of crafting and upgrading.

4. Use Buffs and Mods: Buffs and mods are temporary and permanent bonuses that can increase the effectiveness of gear, weapons, and powers. Using mods and buffs can help players overcome challenging content and save materials in the long run. Players can obtain mods and buffs from various sources, such as completing feats, buying from vendors, or trading with other players.

DCUO Materials FAQs

1. What is the best way to get rare materials in DCUO?

The best way to get rare materials in DCUO is by completing high-level missions and raids, trading with other players, and scavenging in advanced locations, such as the Watchtower or Hall of Doom. Crafting also offers a chance to obtain rare materials by breaking down items and completing crafting quests.

2. How can I level up my scavenging skill in DCUO?

Scavenging skill can be leveled up by visiting scavenging trainers in the game and completing scavenging quests. Players can also level up scavenging by scavenging frequently and using scavenging boosters. Advanced scavenging skills, such as demolition and drilling, are learned by completing specific quests and challenges.

3. Can I get all materials by completing missions?

No, some rare materials, such as kryptonite and nth metal, are only obtainable by completing high-level content or trading with other players. However, base materials can be obtained by completing missions of various difficulties.

4. How often does the material market change in DCUO?

The material market in DCUO can change daily, based on supply and demand. It’s good to check the market before buying or selling materials and keep an eye on material prices and trends. Leagues and trading channels can also offer better deals than the market, so it’s worth considering those options as well.


Materials are an essential aspect of DC Universe Online, and a good understanding of them can help players stay ahead of the game and upgrade their gear and abilities efficiently. By utilizing the different methods of obtaining materials and following the tips and tricks provided in this guide, players can increase their chances of getting rare materials, level up their crafting and scavenging skills, and make the most of their resources. Happy gaming!


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