How to get a flying mount in tera – To get a flying mount in TERA

How to get a flying mount in tera – To get a flying mount in TERA


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In TERA, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), you may be eager to explore the world from the skies. However, flying mounts are not immediately available to all players. You need to complete some requirements and follow certain steps to get one. Below, we’ll detail the process of acquiring a flying mount in TERA.

Step 1: Reach level 65

First and foremost, you need to level up your character to reach level 65. Levelling up is a natural progression in the game and it is likely that you will have reached that level before seeking a flying mount. However, regardless of your character’s level, the game will not allow you to use a flying mount before level 65.

Step 2: Purchase a flying mount

After reaching level 65, you should visit a merchant selling flying mounts. Each region of the game has specific mounts available, but the general rule is that they’re quite expensive. Therefore, you require in-game gold to acquire one. Obtain as much gold as you can through multiple quests, completing dungeons, and battling against monsters. You could also buy gold from online platforms or real-life currency, but that is strictly not recommended in the spirit of the game.

Step 3: Obtain 3500 flying skill points

Purchasing a mount is not enough to start flying. Your character needs flying skill points, and to acquire them, you need to perform repetitive tasks that vary depending on your region’s quests and flying challenges. Ideally, you will want to gather 3500 flying skill points to increase your flight time. The game rewards you with flying skill points for performing tasks such as flying through rings in specific locations, combat activities while flying, aerial quests, and other various activities within the game world.

Step 4: Open your mount skill book

Once you’ve acquired 3500 skill points, you can open your mount skill book and look for the “Riding Skill: Flight” under the passive skills. This skill enables your flying mount to fly. Use the skill point you have earned to obtain this skill.

Step 5: Head to the open skies

After obtaining the skill, summon your flying mount from the inventory, use the command you would typically use to mount, and you’re ready to fly away!

FAQs about flying mounts in TERA

What should I consider when choosing a flying mount?

Each flying mount has different characteristics, such as speed, size, and colour. Choosing a mount that fits your character’s personality is a great option, but you also want to pay attention to the mount’s statistics. For example, if you’re speed-oriented and want to fly faster, you may prefer a smaller and more agile mount.

Are there any restrictions when flying my mount in TERA?

The game has certain limitations to take into consideration, to ensure fair play. Firstly, flying will not be allowed in heavily populated areas. Secondly, once your mount stamina decreases, you will not be able to fly until it recovers again. Lastly, engaging in combat will force you to land first. However, the restrictions are reasonably balanced, and they ultimately enhance the game’s overall experience.

Where can I find flying skill challenges?

You can locate flying skill challenges by opening the world map, selecting the appropriate region, and looking for the flying challenge icons. The icon may be marked by a semi-transparent yellow circle with a bird icon in the centre. Completing these tasks will reward you with skill points, gold, and other aspects that will help you improve your character.

Do I need a flying mount to traverse the world in TERA?

No, you don’t need a flying mount to explore the world. However, a flying mount will significantly decrease your travel time and is great for getting to hard-to-reach areas, especially those located high in the sky.


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