how to dive in mlb the show 22 – Guidelines for diving in MLB The Show 22 with available accounts for purchase

how to dive in mlb the show 22 – Guidelines for diving in MLB The Show 22 with available accounts for purchase


In MLB The Show 22, diving is an essential skill that can make or break a play. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie just starting out, knowing how to properly dive can be the difference between making a highlight-reel play or giving up an easy hit. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about diving in MLB The Show 22, and answer some common questions players may have along the way.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that there are different types of dives that can be executed in MLB The Show 22. While some may be more effective than others in certain situations, understanding the mechanics of each dive will allow you to make the best decision for your specific circumstance.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Basics of Diving

Diving in MLB The Show 22 is executed using the Circle button on PlayStation or the B Button on Xbox. However, simply pressing the button isn’t enough to make your player dive. In order to execute a successful dive, you’ll need to have your player in motion towards the ball or base.

As you run towards the ball or base, hold down the Circle or B button and watch as your player dives to make the play. The longer you hold the button down, the further your player will dive. It’s also worth noting that while diving, you can use the directional stick to adjust the direction of the dive.

Types of Dives

In addition to the standard dive, there are other types of dives that can be executed in MLB The Show 22. These include:

The Dive Cancel: Unlike the standard dive, the dive cancel allows you to quickly get back on your feet in order to make a throw or continue to field a ball. To execute a dive cancel, simply press the Circle or B button again while you’re in the middle of a dive.

The Jump Dive: The jump dive is a more advanced dive that can be used to make a play on a ball that is just out of reach. To execute a jump dive, hold down the Circle or B button and quickly tap the Triangle or Y button. This will cause your player to jump before diving, giving them a little extra boost in their momentum.

The Leap Dive: Similar to the jump dive, the leap dive can be used to catch a ball that is out of reach. However, the leap dive is executed while your player is running towards the ball, rather than while in motion. To execute a leap dive, hold down L1/LB and press Circle/B.

When to Dive

Knowing when to dive is just as important as knowing how to execute the dive. In most cases, you’ll want to dive when the ball is out of reach of your player, but still within diving distance. Additionally, diving can be a useful tool when trying to make a play at a base.

However, there are also situations where diving isn’t necessary. If a ball is well within reach of your player, it’s probably best not to dive and risk missing the ball altogether. Similarly, if you’re already positioned well to make a play at a base, diving may not be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I purchase MLB The Show 22?
You can purchase MLB The Show 22 on PlayStation or Xbox through the respective console’s online store or at any major retailer that carries video games.

2. Can I use diving on offense as well as defense?
Yes, diving can be used on both offense and defense. On offense, diving can be used to stretch out a hit or make it to a base before the ball gets there.

3. Is it possible to dive too early?
Yes. If you dive too early, you may miss out on a chance to make a play on the ball. It’s best to wait until the ball is within diving distance before executing the dive.

4. Can I cancel a dive if I change my mind?
Yes, you can cancel a dive at any time by pressing the Circle or B button again.

5. Are all types of dives equally effective?
No, different types of dives are better suited for different situations. The standard dive is the most versatile and can be used in most situations, while the jump dive and leap dive are more situational.

6. What happens if I miss a dive?
If you miss a dive, your player will be momentarily stunned, giving your opponents an opportunity to make a play.

7. Can I dive to catch a fly ball?
No, diving is not effective for catching fly balls. In these situations, it’s best to jump to make the catch.

8. Is it difficult to execute a dive?
No, executing a dive is fairly simple. However, it does take some practice to get the timing just right.

9. Can I use diving in Franchise mode?
Yes, diving can be used in all modes of MLB The Show 22.

10. How do I adjust the direction of my dive?
You can adjust the direction of your dive using the directional stick.

11. Is diving always the best option?
No, there are situations where diving may not be necessary or advisable. Use your best judgement in each situation.

12. What happens if I dive into a teammate?
If you dive into a teammate, both players will be momentarily stunned.

13. Can I dive while playing online?
Yes, diving can be used in online matches.

14. Is diving more effective with certain players?
While certain players may have better diving stats than others, ultimately the execution of the dive comes down to the player controlling the character.

15. Can I dive while running?
Yes, you can execute a standard dive while running towards the ball or base.

16. Should I always try to make a diving play?
No, diving should only be used when it’s the best option for making a successful play on the ball.

17. How do I know when to dive?
Knowing when to dive comes with experience. As you continue to play MLB The Show 22, you’ll develop a better understanding of when diving is necessary.

18. Are there any downsides to diving?
The main downside to diving is that if you miss the ball, you’ll be momentarily stunned, giving your opponents an opportunity to make a play.

19. Can I execute a diving play with any fielder?
Yes, all fielders can execute a diving play.

20. Are there different animations for each type of dive?
Yes, each type of dive has its own unique animation that reflects the mechanics of the dive.


Diving is an essential skill that can help take your MLB The Show 22 gameplay to the next level. By understanding the different types of dives, knowing when to dive, and practicing your execution of the dive, you’ll be able to make highlight-reel plays that will amaze your opponents. Remember, when in doubt, dive it out!


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