cheap discord boosts – Affordable Discord Boosts

cheap discord boosts – Affordable Discord Boosts


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Discord is one of the most popular chat apps in the world of gaming. It allows gamers to chat and interact with each other using voice, video, and text. With the rise of Discord, many gamers are looking for ways to enhance their experience on the app. One way to do this is by boosting your server.

Discord Boosts are a feature that allow server owners to improve their server’s functionality and appearance. Boosting your server will unlock perks like higher audio quality, a custom vanity URL, more emojis, and better server visibility. However, not everyone can afford to boost their server. In this article, we will discuss affordable Discord boosts and how you can enjoy the benefits without breaking the bank.

1. What are Discord Boosts?

Discord Boosts are a feature that allow server owners to upgrade their server’s functionality and appearance. When someone boosts a server, they unlock various perks that improve the overall experience of the server. The perks include things like higher audio quality, a custom vanity URL, more emojis, and a higher server visibility.

There are two types of boosts: Server Boosts and User Boosts. Server Boosts are used to upgrade an entire server and require Nitro. User Boosts are used to upgrade an individual user’s experience and require Nitro Classic.

2. How much do Discord Boosts cost?

Discord Server Boosts cost $4.99 per boost, per month. This means that if you want to boost your server with two boosts, it will cost you $9.98 per month. User Boosts cost $4.99 per boost, per month, or $49.99 per year. If you are looking to boost your own account, the yearly subscription is recommended for cost savings.

3. Are there any discounts available for Discord Boosts?

Yes, there are a few ways to get discounts on Discord Boosts. The first way is to purchase multiple boosts at once. Discord offers a discount when you purchase 2, 3, 9, or 15 boosts at once. For example, if you purchase three boosts at once, the cost per boost drops to $4.49 each.

There are also some seasonal or promotional discounts available. Discord occasionally offers limited-time discounts, such as a discount during the winter holiday season. These discounts may only be available for a short period of time, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

4. How do I boost a server?

To boost a server, you need to have a Discord Nitro subscription. Once you have Nitro, you can purchase Server Boosts. To boost a server, go to the server you want to boost and click on the Server Settings. In the Server Settings, there is a Server Boost section where you can purchase and manage your boosts.

5. What are some affordable ways to boost a server?

One affordable way to boost a server is to share the cost of the boosts with other server members. Many people are willing to chip in to improve the server experience, especially if they regularly use the server. This is a great option if you have a small community and do not want to spend a lot of money on boosts.

Another option is to participate in Discord’s Nitro referral program. If you refer someone to Discord Nitro, you can earn a free boost for your server. Use your social media or other platforms to invite your friends to join the server and take advantage of referral bonuses.

Lastly, Discord occasionally runs promotions that give free Server Boosts as rewards for their exclusive game titles. While this is not an ongoing method, it can still be a great way to boost your server at the right time.

6. Can I cancel my Discord Boost subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Discord Boost subscription at any time. To cancel, go into your User Settings and select ‘Billing & Payments’. Navigate to the ‘Server Boost’ tab where you can find your booster status and cancel your subscription without any extra hassle. The subscription ends when the current billing cycle is complete.

7. Will my Discord server lose its boosts if I cancel my subscription?

No, your server will not lose its boosts if you cancel your subscription. However, the perks that come with boosting, such as higher server visibility or custom vanity URL, will disappear. Once the subscription is restarted, the server will again have access to the boosts and their advantages.


Discord is an essential communication tool for gamers, and boosting your server can improve the experience for everyone involved. While Discord Boosts can be costly, there are several ways to make them affordable. By sharing the cost with others, participating in referral programs, or waiting for promotions, you can enjoy all the benefits of boosting your server while keeping expenses low. With these options, anyone can access the benefits of Discord Boosts without straining their wallet.


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