7 Best AI-Based Websites to Buy Instagram Comments

You probably already know that buying Instagram engagements like followers, likes, and views can help you grow your account and reach more people. But did you know that buying Instagram comments can also boost your popularity and engagement?

Comments are a special kind of interaction that shows Instagram that your content is interesting and worth sharing. But not all comments are created equal. Some comments are generic, boring, or even spammy. Those comments won’t help you much, and they might even hurt your account if Instagram thinks you’re using bots.

That’s why you need to buy Instagram comments from the best sites that use artificial intelligence to create relevant and realistic comments. These comments will make your posts look more authentic and engaging, and they will also attract more organic comments from real users.

But where can you find these sites? Don’t worry, I’ve done the research for you. Here are the 10 best sites that sell Instagram comments, ranked by quality, price, and service. And spoiler alert: there’s one site that stands out from the rest.

The Best 10 Sites That Sell Instagram Comments


Do you want to buy Instagram comments that actually make a difference? If so, you should check out Twicsy, the leading service for custom comments that boost your engagement and visibility.

Unlike other services that offer generic or emoji-only comments, Twicsy uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your posts and create relevant comments that match the context and content of your posts. This way, Instagram will recognize that your posts have genuine interaction and will rank them higher in the algorithm.

Twicsy’s comments are posted by real users with real accounts, so you don’t have to worry about getting flagged or banned. You can choose how many comments you want, from 5 to 50, and whether you want them from active users with more influence. You can also see the comments before you pay and change them if you don’t like them.

Twicsy’s custom comments are affordable, fast, and effective. They start from less than $10 and are delivered within minutes. And most importantly, they are safe and secure for your account.

If you want to grow your Instagram account with custom comments that work, look no further than Twicsy. They have the best system and the best results.

Order Your Custom Instagram Comments from Twicsy Today


Buzzoid is another service that offers AI-generated Instagram comments that are relevant and engaging. They have learned from Twicsy’s success and developed their own system to create comments that match your posts.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert on Instagram, you can benefit from Buzzoid’s comments. You can buy small or large packages of comments (5, 10, 25, or 50) and have them posted by real Instagram users with real accounts. This way, you can boost your engagement and visibility without risking your account.

Buzzoid also lets you choose comments from active users who have more influence on the platform. You can also preview the comments before you pay and change them if you want. Their service is fast, secure, and supported 24/7.

Twicsy is still the leader in this field, as they have more experience and better results. But Buzzoid is a close second, and they are improving their service every day.

If you want to try AI-generated Instagram comments that work, give Buzzoid a try. They have a great system and a great reputation.


Rushmax is the latest service to offer AI-generated Instagram comments that are relevant and engaging. They have followed Twicsy and Buzzoid to create their own system that analyzes your posts and creates comments that match your content.

Rushmax is still working on improving its system, so its comments are not as good as the other two services when it comes to growing your Instagram audience. But Rushmax is a reliable provider with a lot of experience in delivering Instagram interactions, and their comments are getting better every week. And even now, their comments are much better than any of the other services we will talk about later.

Rushmax is worth watching.


SocialPros is a service that offers cheap and fast Instagram comments, but they are not very good. They use generic comments that have nothing to do with your posts, and they don’t help you get more engagement or visibility on Instagram. They claim that they use real and verified users to post the comments, but they charge extra for that, and they might still use bots.


SidesMedia is another service that offers cheap and fast Instagram comments, but they are not very effective. They use generic comments that have nothing to do with your posts, and they don’t help you get more engagement or visibility on Instagram. SidesMedia says they use real users to post the comments, but they deliver them too quickly, and they might not last long. SidesMedia says they will replace any lost comments for free in the first 30 days, but that’s not very reassuring.


If you want to get some comments on your blog or social media posts, you might be interested in this service. They offer two options: you can either get “high-quality” comments that are well-written and relevant, or you can get “verified” comments that come from real accounts with followers and activity. The prices are very affordable compared to other services that use artificial intelligence to generate comments. However, you have to wait for two to four days to receive your order. You can order from ten to 500 comments, depending on your needs. But if you want verified comments, you can only order up to 100 at a time.


Do you need some comments on your Instagram posts? You can check out SocialViral, a service that sells comments from real IG users, not bots. You can buy from ten to fifty comments for a very cheap price. But don’t expect the comments to be specific or relevant to your posts. They are just generic comments that anyone can write. If you want more personalized comments, you might have to pay more for other services that use artificial intelligence to create them.


You might be wondering how Instagram decides which videos to show to more people. Let me explain.

Every day, people upload 100 million videos to Instagram. That’s a lot of videos! So Instagram has to use some rules to choose which ones are the most popular and deserve more attention.

One of the rules is to look at how many followers, views, and likes a video has. The more, the better. That means that videos from big accounts get more exposure, while videos from small accounts get ignored. That’s why some people buy likes and followers to make their accounts look bigger.

But there’s another rule that Instagram added in 2023. It’s called “user engagement”. It means that Instagram also cares about how much people talk about a video. The more comments a video has, the more interesting it is. And the more interesting it is, the more people will see it.

But not all comments are the same. Instagram can tell the difference between good comments and bad comments. Good comments are the ones that show that you really watched the video and have something to say about it. Bad comments are the ones that are generic and boring, like “Nice!” or “😍”. Instagram ignores those comments because they don’t show real engagement.

So how do you get good comments on your videos? Well, you could ask your friends to write them for you, but that’s not very realistic. Or you could buy them from some services, but they usually give you bad comments that are pre-written and automated. They don’t match your video at all.

The best option is to find a service that uses artificial intelligence to create good comments for you. These services can analyze your video and understand what it’s about. Then they can write comments that are relevant and specific to your video. These are the comments that will impress Instagram and make your video more popular.

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